Coach George


Practical yet holistic. Provocative and engaging. Interpersonal experiences for growth in intimacy, sex and relationship 


George Streeter

I help people express their authentic relationship needs and values in relationship with others, by guiding men and women into a deeper understanding of their holistic self, that is their body, mind and soul. 

No one is trained to tell another human being how they should conduct a love relationship or even their dating life. I am not qualified to do that. I am trained to observe where you may be out of sync with your own truth and purpose and to provide proven tools, advice and guidance so that you can operate in a more loving connection to self and express that in relationship with others. 

I learned my coaching skills in the Onetaste coach training program. There I trained under Nicole Daedone, Ken Blackman and Robert Kandell. The ten months intensive was experiential, liberating, and life changing. My desire to serve others was cultivated here.

My coaching approach—no matter the problem—is to listen for the points of sensation behind the words and then guide you through the emotional landscape towards the liberation that comes from self knowledge. I do several exercises on each point and usually end up with a breakthrough on the points that are most conflicting.

For me, this internal conflict isn’t about what is right or wrong, but rather about opening oneself up to options that work. It’s a way to plant a little bit of desire in the heart; a yearning for continued growth and to learn more about yourself so that you can express all of who you are to another. Ultimately, it’s about embracing all that you are. 



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