Coach George


Some selected words of others about George 

“Working with George has changed the way I approach my life. I no longer have a fear of approaching women. I am able to connect with women I like and I have more confidence than at any point in my life. I feel like I can relate better to myself and I’ve learned to share my desires and I often get them. I believe in improving my life in many ways, coaching with George is one important way I do this. ” 

— Georg True, 36 Malibu

"Before I worked with George, I thought I knew what I was looking for and who is good for me and that he just hadn't showed up yet. After working with George, I re-met someone I knew before, this time I was a different person because I got to work on myself and it left me more open and able to see people more clearly. It has been a pleasure to work with George weekly, it has helped me to be the best person I can be and to see that the best person was right there in front of me and I just didn't notice.

— Pei Ru Ko 34, San Francisco

“George is the MAN! I feel so much more confidence. It felt good to know that I could talk through things that I was concerned about. He helped me feel better about the direction I wanted to take my dating. The results were great!. It helped me find my truth and my sweet spot with women. I would say that every guy my age should spend some time talking to George. ”

— Clay Steele, 26 San Francisco


"George has an incredible ability to feel. In my experience with him as a coach George has had an uncanny ability to feel where I’ve been and to cleverly know how to respond in a way that allows me to bring out my own brilliance. I have then been able to make decisions in my life with the confidence that propels me to not only move forward but also to thrive. George’s coaching has had a tremendous impact in fostering an amazing relationship with my husband and with my sexuality."
— Zila Phillips, 36 Portland
He has often served as a mirror that perfectly reflects what I needed to learn about myself and my body in order to evolve as a connected and sexual being“I was an emotionally neutral guy. This worked for me in the tech industry but it wasn’t working in my relationship life. I worked with George to be more in touch with my feelings and emotions. I learned that I am a pretty deep person and that I can feel a lot. This has helped me connect with my purpose in life and I am making big strides personally and professionally. ” 

— Scott Richardson, 38 San Francisco

“George! I don’t know exactly what techniques you taught my husband. But It has changed our sex life, and its never been better! Thank you. Thank you, Thank you. ”

— Alexandra Stockwell wife of a client




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